What is Pallet Wrap ?

Pallet wrap dispenser

Pallet wrap, also commonly known as stretch wrap or bundling wrap, is a stretchable linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) wound on a cardboard core which can be recycled. It is commonly used to secure goods onto pallets which enables the goods to travel intact and safely to its destination. There are 2 manufacturing methods to create […]

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Strapping

Pallet strapped boxes

There is a wide variety of pallet strapping options to choose from. As a result choosing the right strapping type can be quite confusing. At Ace Packaging we have an extensive knowledge of the best strapping solutions and can therefore try to arm you with as much relevant information as possible. This will help to […]

Specialty Bubble Wrap

Degradable Bubble Wrap

Anti Static Bubble Wrap (P10A) – Ideal For Protecting Electrical Items Anti-static bubble wrap is mainly used to package and protect electrical items and can be easily identified by its pink colour.  Using standard P10 bubble wrap on electronic components can potentially damage the circuits due to static charges that this type of wrap can […]

Bubble Wrap Sizes

Bubble Wrap Sydney

At Ace Packaging our bubble wrap is all Australian made and comes in different sizes and lengths to suit your packaging needs. Bubble Size The most common size bubble wrap is P10.  The “10” describes the size of the actual bubble on the bubble wrap itself. Therefore, P10 Bubble Wrap has a bubble with a […]

Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

  POLYCELL OXO – BIODEGRADABLE ECO BUBBLE WRAP Incorporating ‘REVERTE’ Oxo-biodegradable Additives After more than 2 years in development, Polycell is pleased and excited to announce the pending release of our environmentally friendly biodegradable bubble wrap known as ‘Oxo-B Eco Bubble’. Oxo-B Eco Bubble Wrap, which incorporates ‘Reverte’ Oxo-biodegradable master batch, is the result of […]

Void Fill Alternative – Mini Pak’R

Mini Pak'r Air Cushion Machine

Four Reasons to Buy a Mini Pak’R Do you want to protect your goods during transportation? Mini Pak’r is a small, easy to use void fill alternative system that allows you to produce air cushions on demand. You can choose from 5 different types of air cushions, for any kind of protection you need. Easy to use: […]


“My removalist company uses Ace packing and are continually impressed with the service we receive. Their products are fantastic, but what really sets them apart is their customer service and attention to detail.”  “We’ve found them incredibly intuitive and always able to provide exactly what is needed, as it is needed. Alex is helpful, friendly […]