Adhesive Backed Envelopes

adhesive backed envelopes


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• Our superior adhesive backed envelopes won’t let you down. With superior acrylic adhesive these adhesive backed envelopes will ensure your invoices or documents will arrive safely with your packages.

• Available in multiple sizes to suit everyone who has their own document folding techniques.

• Choose from a range of various messages, from Invoice Enclosed, Documents/Packing Slip Enclosed to just a plain no printed version we stock them all.

• Red backed envelopes are bright in colour, ensuring your documents stand out on the cartons. Or choose from our range of clear backed envelopes for a more subtle clean look.

• Please contact us for pricing or if you would like to see a sample.

CodeLength (mm)Width (mm)Qty / CtnDetails
ENV-1DOC1501151000Clear backed "Documents Enclosed"
ENV-1INV1501151000Clear backed "Invoice Enclosed"
ENV-1INVP1501151000Clear backed Plain
ENV-2DOC1651151000Red backed "Documents/Packing Slip Enclosed"
ENV-2INV1651151000Red backed "Invoice Enclosed"
ENV-2PACK1651151000Red backed "Packing Slip Enclosed"
ENV-2PLN1651151000Red backed Plain
ENV-4DOC2001501000Red backed "Documents Enclosed"
ENV-4INV2001501000Red backed "Invoice Enclosed"
ENV-4PACK2001501000Red backed "Packing Slip Enclosed"
ENVAXLGEINVA2301651000Red backed "Invoice Enclosed"
ENVAXLGEPLNA2301651000Red backed Plain
ENVAXLGE-PLN325235500Red Backed Plain