Plastic Carry Bags

singlet bags

plastic carry bags


• Popular range of plastic carry bags (singlet bags)

• Supermarket style.


• Degradable EPI range of bags available.

• Ideal for retail outlets.


Code SizeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Gussett (mm)Colour / Details
CB-S1A Small200410100White
CB-S1E Small200400100White + Degradable EPI
CB-S2A Medium250500120White
CB-S2E Medium250500120White + Degradable EPI
CB-S3A Large300540160White
CB-S3E Large300540160White + Degradable EPI
CB-S4A Extra Large400700200White
CB-S5A Jumbo440750250White
CB-S6 Extra Jumbo450900250White

diecut handle carry



• Quality plastic carry bag.

• Made from 50um LDPE.

• Boutique style.

• Colours are available upon request.

• Suitable for retails stores or market stall owner.

• Custom logo printing is available upon request, please contact one of our friendly staff for more information.




CodeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thickness (um)ColourQuantity / Carton
CB-10.3A 30040050White1000

Plastic shopping bags,  are a type of shopping bag  made from various kinds of plastic. In use by consumers worldwide since the 1960s,these bags are sometimes called single-use bags, referring to carrying items from a store to a home. However, reuse for storage or trash is common, and modern plastic shopping bags are increasingly recyclable or biodegradable. Visit for a history of plastic carry bags.