• Select from a range of high quality sterling carton openers and replacement blades.
  • We carry a range of 9mm, 18mm and 25mm knives to suit any personal preference.
  • Replacement blades are available in any style, Snap Off blades or conventional Stanley type blades, we have it all.
  • Access to the entire range of Olfa, retractable or fixed trimming knives, folding utility blades or a range of multi-tools.
  • Safety cutters, carton openers, slitters and safety tools.
  • For our entire range please visit

CUT-KSS-220-1Knife Small 9mm Black Steel
CUT-KSS-340-1Knife Small 9mm Auto-Lock
CUT-KSS-D804Knife Small 9mm Orange Plastic Economy
CUT-KLS-200-49mm Snap Off Blades, tube of 10 blades
CUT-KLS-D803Knife Large 18mm Orange Plastic Economy
CUT-KLS-902-1Knife Large 18mm Auto-Lock
CUT-KLS-570Knife Large 18mm Rhino Grip
CUT-KLS-590Knife Large 18mm Metal Cutter
CUT-KLS-550Knife Large 18mm Screw-Lock
CUT-KLS-690Knife Large 18mm Silver Metal Auto-Lock
CUT-BLS-201-418mm Snap Off Blades, tubes of 10 blades
CUT-OLF-L1Knife Large Olfa L-1