Edge Protection

foam corners

edge protection


• EPE Foam profiles are an excellent protection option.

• Ideal for photo frames or any items with a thickness of up to 30mm.

• Comes in 2 metre lengths so you can cut it down to your ideal size lengths.

• 2 profile options available. Triangular for thicker edge protection and V shaped for thin edge protection.

• Cost effective method that provides your product the very best of protection in-transit.

EP-TRIFoam Triangle profile Edge Protection 2mtr lengths
EP-VEEFoam V shape profile Edge Protection 2mtr lengths

strapping guards




  • A necessity when using strapping to secure your load onto pallets.
  • Both cardboard and plastic guards offer protection against damage that strapping might do to your cartons or goods.


EP-L60-116560x60x1165mm Corner Board White25/pack
EP-L60-6050x50mm Corner board Strap Guard1000/ctn
EP-L25062x30x30mm Black plastic Strap Guard250/ctn
EP-L62B62x30x30mm Black plastic Strap Guard1000/ctn

Edge Protection