Poly Strapping

polystrapping PP


poly strappingpoly strapping 19mmPS19A







  • Use 12mm or 15mm poly strapping for standard duty strapping. Great for strapping cartons together or fixing lightweight objects onto pallets.
  • 19mm poly strapping for heavy duty strapping situations. Strong as steel strapping but a lot easier and safer to use. Used to strap heavy objects to pallets.
  • 1000mtr length rolls come in a dispenser box, no more battling with tangled strapping.
  • Machine length strapping rolls available to suit all semi-automatic strapping machines.

PS12Blue Poly Strap 12mm boxed 90kg breaking strain1000mtr
PS15.5Ble Poly Strap 15mm boxed 140kg breaking strain1000mtr
PS15.5HDBlack Poly Strap 15.5mm Heavy Duty 210kg breaking strain1000mtr
PS19BLKBlack Heavy Duty Poly Strap 19mm 400kg breaking strain1000mtr
PSM12CLEARClear Machine Poly Strap 12mm 150kg breaking strain3000mtr
PSM15.5BClear Machine Poly Strap 15.5mm 160kg breaking strain2500mtr

poly strapping pe












  • Green polyester strapping used for very heavy duty applications. Very high breaking strain.
  • Available in smooth or embossed finishes.
  • Another great alternative for steel strapping if safety is a concern.

PS15PE88Green Smooth 15.5mm 0.88mm PE Strap 500kg breaking strain1220mtr
PS16PEUGGreen Embossed 16mm 0.9mm PE Strap 500kg breaking strain1350mtr














  • If you choose to use poly buckles or open metal seals we have all the strapping equipment you will need for the job. Please contact us for pricing and further information.

PSPB1212mm Clear Poly Buckles1000/pack
PSPB1515mm Clear Poly Buckles1000/pack
PSOWB12Metal Buckles for 12mm poly strap1000/ctn
PSOWB15Metal Buckles for 15mm poly strap1000/ctn
PSOWB19Metal Buckles for 19mm poly strap500/ctn
PSMS012Open metal seals for 12mm poly strap1000/ctn
PSMS015Open metal seals for 15mm poly strap1000/ctn
PSMS019Open metal seals for 19mm poly strap1000/ctn
PSVH82-1212mm Crimper/Sealer1
PSVH82-1515mm Crimper/Sealer1
PSVH82-1919mm Crimper/Sealer1
PSVH83Poly Strap Tensioner for 12,15 &19mm strap1
PSZP26Zapstrapper (seal-less strapping tool)1

Poly Strapping