Safety Tape

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  • Ace Packaging has a range of safety tapes to assist in creating a safe workspace and to help reduce accidents.
  • Red and White barrier tape is a great way to secure an area and show that an area is hazardous.
  • Our range of floor marking tapes are designed for high traffic areas in warehouses and are a must for occupational health and safety. Available in Black/Yellow, Red/White and a range of plain colours – floor marking tapes can be slit to your required width.
  • Our anti-slip safety tape provides grip to surfaces in high traffic areas that are exposed to the elements. Our range includes both black/yellow and plain colours.
  • Please contact us for pricing and for more information regarding sizes and colours available.

CodeWidth (mm)Length (mtr)Quantity / CartonDetails
H15548SAFETYA725012Red & White Barrier Tape (non adhesive)
T416948A48336Yellow & Black Floor Marking Tape (adhesive)
T416948A RED48336Red Floor Marking Tape (adhesive)
T416948AR/W48336Red & White Floor Marking Tape (adhesive)
T416948Y48336Yellow Floor Marking Tape (adhesive)
VHAS27-02525512Black Anti-Slip Tape
VHAS27-05050512Black Anti-Slip Tape
VHAS27-10010056Black Anti-Slip Tape







  • Range of duct tape and electrical tape made from plasticised PVC coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Used for electrical insulation for wire and cable splices and harnessing of wires and cables.

CodeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Quantity / CartonDetails
H44018BLK182010Colours available, Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Green/Yellow stripe
T.DJB413-048BK483380UV Black Duct Tape
T.DJS413-048SL483360Silver Duct Tape
T.DJS441-072SL723324Silver Duct Tape

Safety Tape