• The K2250 Hot Melt Glue gun is an industrial grade glue gun designed for light to heavy usage. 12mm glue gun with a twist knob adjustable heat control and an adjustable 4 finger trigger. 220 Watt heating capacity it will suit applications that require large output.
  • Straw coloured hot melt glue sticks are used for cardboard applications or where porous surfaces are to be glued. Clear coloured hot melt glue sticks are for plastic applications or where non-porous surfaces are to be glued.

ModelStick Size (mm)WattageAdjustable Thermostat (°C)Output Capacity (kg/hr)Trigger (Finger Pull)

HMGSA112mm x 300mm Hot Melt Glue sticks 34/kg. Straw coloured.
HMGSA211mm x 200mm Hot Melt Glue sticks 1kg/ctn. Clear.
HMGGA2Hot Melt Glue Gun K2250 Industrial Quality.



• Heavy Duty hand held stretch wrap dispenser. A must for a warehouse where stretch wrapping pallets is a daily task. Easy to use and creates perfect tension that the stretch film requires.

• Plastic finger grips are available, good option for the store that seldomly wraps pallets.

• Bundling Film Dispenser. Great solution to heavy usage of bundling film. Dispenser handle is sheathed to allow free spooling of film, tension is then created by gripping tightly. Best bundling film dispenser on the market.



• These systems are an affordable way for low volume users to shrink products in polyolefin shrink film.

• Available in many sizes including 300mm, 450mm and 600mm.

• Ideal for retails stores, department stores or market stall owners that require presenting their products in shrink film.

• Complete with heat gun and heat sealing bar.



• Mens or Womens Cotton Gloves 12/pack.

• Large Latex Gloves 100/pack.

• Large Nitrile Powder Free gloves 100/pack.


H120R18x28mm Hang Tabs 2000/roll
M107550x50mm Hang Tabs 5000/ctn
MPBBLKBlack Marker Bullet Point 12/ctn
MPCBLKBlack Marker Chisel Point 12/ctn
MPJBLKBlack Marker Jumbo 12/ctn
ADOSHIPTAG3#3 Shipping Tags 48x96mm
ADOSHIPTAG6#6 Shipping Tags 67x134mm
ADRUL015CM150mm Stainless Steel Ruler
ADRUL030CM300mm Stainless Steel Ruler
ADRUL060CM600mm Stainless Steel Ruler
ADRUL100CM1000mm Stainless Steel Ruler
ADRULE3Tape Measure 3mtr/10ft
ADRULE8Tape Measure 8mtr/27ft
DNHOT0110mm Removable Glue Dots (Fast Fixers) 5000/roll
DNHOT0210mm Permanent Glue Dots ( Fast Fixers) 5000/roll
HBWC6oz White Plastic Cups 1000/ctn
HBWC-1PL8 Clear Plastic Cup 225ml 1000/ctn
HBPWC112oz Coffee Paper cup 1000/ctn
LASH4White PP Lashing #PT4 2032mtr
LASH8White PP Lashing #PT8 584mtr
VH-V-6045White Rope 6mm x 450mtr
DE-SG1T-B1gm Silica Gel Satchels 10000/ctn
DE-SG234035gm Silica Gel Satchels 2000/ctn