Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap


Ace Packaging Supplies stock a huge range of bubblewrap products. Our bubble wrap is made from a carefully formulated blend of virgin low density and linear low density resins along with various additives for performance purposes. Our range consists of 4 bubble profiles as indicated in the following table. Using bubble wrap is an economical and effective way to protect your goods, please note that different items require different bubble profiles. Custom slit and perforated options are available upon request. Please ask our staff for advice.

Bubble DiameterBubble Height

bubblelaminatedKraft9• Various Laminated Bubblewrap products are available. BubbleKraft is laminated with a tough kraft paper backing that protects furniture  and house hold items from the  rigours associated with shipping.

• Foam Backed Bubble has a layer of EPE foam laminated to one side of the bubble creating a super soft protective wrapping surface.

stock size

CodeWidth (mm)Length (mtr)Bubble Size (mm)Specifications
P10-375/503755010Perforated every 500mm
P10-37537510010Perforated every 500mm
P10-OXO150010010Green, Degradable Film
P10A-50050010010Pink, Anti Static Film
P10A150010010Pink, Anti Static Film
P10K15006710Kraft Paper Backed
P10K2150067102 Sided Kraft Paper Backed
P10S150010010Double Wall Bubble Wrap
P10SX150010010Heavy Duty Double Wall
P10F1200100101mm Foam Backed Bubble Wrap
P10F21200100102mm Foam Backed Bubble Wrap
P10SF15005010Foil Backed Insul-bubble
P21-0.37-10S37510020Minimum 4 roll purchase
P20-OXO150010020Green, Degradable Film
P20S150010020Double Wall Bubble Wrap
P20SX150010020Heavy Duty Double Wall
P32S15005032Double Wall Bubble Wrap
P32XX15005032Extra Heavy Duty Film
For more detailed information on our bubble wrap products please visit the manufacturers site Polycell.