Steel Strapping

steel strapping

steel strapping


• Ribbon wound steel strapping, suitable for heavy duty strapping requirements.

• Used in the building trades or for strapping heavy bulky items onto pallets.

• Easy to handle rolls in 12-15kg roll weights.

• Recommended to use with steel strapping dispenser.

RIB1212mm Steel Strap. Approx 10kg/250mtr/roll1
RIB1515mm Steel Strap. Approx 12.5kg/238mtr/roll1
RIB1919mm Steel Strap. Approx 15kg/200mtr/roll1


seals and equipment







  • Strapping seals are available to suit all size steel strap. Place the seal over the overlapping steel strap and use your crimper to crimp the metal seal.
  • Crimpers are available to suit all size steel strapping. Crimper sizes will only suit that particular steel strap size. ie 19mm crimper will only crimp 19mm seals.
  • Tensioners are available to suit your workload. If you use steel strapping often or occasionally we have the right tensioner to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

RIBS013Snap On Seals for 12mm steel strapping1000/ctn
RIBS016Snap On Seals for 15mm steel strapping1000/ctn
RIBS019Snap On Seals for 19mm steel strapping1000/ctn
RIBVH21Crimper/Sealer for 12mm steel strap1
RIBVH21-15Crimper/Sealer for 15mm steel strap1
RIBVH21-19Crimer/Sealer for 19mm steel strap1
RIBVH24Tensioner for 12,15,19mm steel strap Medium to Heavy usage1
RIBVH26MIP1300 Heavy Duty Tensioner (made in USA)1
RIBV54DISPMobile Steel Strap Dispenser1