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Masking Tape

Masking Tape

• Choose from a wide range of masking tapes to suit any application.
• General Purpose is a professional grade quality tape for general masking applications.
• Our premium grade masking tape has a strong rubber adhesive and is easily conformable. Great for that masking application that needs a stronger adhesion.
• The high temperature tape is a specialised tape to suit the automotive industry, temperature and solvent resistant it can withstand high heat, up to 150 degrees Celsius (1 hour).
• Painters grade premium Blue 14 day masking tape. High temperature resistance and suitable for internal or external applications. Excellent value product.
• Please contact us for pricing and discounted volume offers or any further information.

Powder Coat Masking Tape

• Our polyester tape with silicone adhesive is ideal for splicing, tabbing and holding silicone liner papers.
• Powder coat masking tape also known as silicon splicing tape is ideal for splicing, tabbing and holding silicone liner papers.
• Stocked in 12, 18 & 24mm however we can custom cut to any desired width.
• Please contact us for pricing or further information.

Product Variations (scroll table for all options)

TypeCodeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Quantity / CartonDetailsQuantityAdd to Cart
Masking TapeT.PMR703-18185096General Purpose
Masking TapeT.PMR703-24245072General Purpose
Masking TapeT.PMR703-36365048General Purpose
Masking TapeT.PMR703-48485036General Purpose
Masking TapeH120012125072Premium Grade
Masking TapeH120018185048Premium Grade
Masking TapeH120024245036Premium Grade
Masking TapeH120036365024Premium Grade
Masking TapeH120048485024Premium Grade
Masking TapeT.PMH599-18W185048High Temp
Masking TapeT.PMH599-24W245036High Temp
Masking TapeT.PMH599-36W365024High Temp
Masking TapeT.PMH599-48W485020High Temp
Masking TapeT.PMH599-72W7212High Temp
Masking TapeT.PMBC16-24B245036Blue 14 day Painters Grade
Masking TapeT.PMBC16-36B365036Blue 14 day Painters Grade
Masking TapeT.PMBC16-48B485024Blue 14 day Painters Grade
Powder Coat Masking TapeB983-121266Green Silicone Tape
Powder Coat Masking TapeB983-181866Green Silicone Tape
Powder Coat Masking TapeB983-242466Green SIlicone Tape


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