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Velcro®, Ties & Fasteners

How to maximise the strength of a bond:

The three ways to maximize the strength of a bond between the two flexible pieces are:

  1. Increase the area of the bond, e.g. using larger pieces of VELCRO® Brand.
  2. Ensure that the force is applied parallel to the plane of the fastener surface, e.g. bending around a corner.
  3. Increase the number of hooks and loops per area unit.

Velcro® Brand

  • VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners are available at Ace Packaging Supplies.
  • Easy to use, maintenance free and safe, it has been used in every conceivable application.
  • Superior PS 0172 adhesive makes VELCRO® Brand the very best in hook and loop fasteners.
  • Ideal for smooth surfaces and can be used inside or outside.
  • Available in either 19mm or 25mm wide strips, each roll containing 25 metres.
  • Available in either Black or White.
  • Available in both Hook and Loop and are sold independently.
  • All VELCRO® Brand brand products are available through Ace Packaging Supplies, minimum order quantities apply.
  • Please contact us for any further information.

Cable Ties

  • Quality Cable Ties from KT Cables.
  • Available in light, standard or medium duty.
  • Black or Natural colours available.
  • Choose from a wide range of available sizes.
  • Packs of 100 ties.
  • Cable Tie Gun also available.

Truck Ties

  • Truck Ties. 50mm x 50mtr.
  • Help keep your cargo tied and secure with these tie-downs.
  • 500kg breaking strain.

Please contact us for any further information on our range of fasteners.

Product Variations (scroll table for all options)

ProductCodeLengthWidth (mm)TypeColourAdhesive TypeQuantityAdd to Cart
Velcro BrandVELCP19-25WH25 metres19HookWhite0172
Velcro BrandVELCP19-25BL25 metres19LoopBlack0172
Velcro BrandVELCP19-25BH25 metres19HookBlack0172
Velcro BrandVELCP19-25WL25 metres19LoopWhite0172
Velcro BrandVELCP25-25BH25 metres25HookBlack0172
Velcro BrandVELCP25-25BL25 metres25LoopBlack0172
Velcro BrandVELCP25-25WH25 metres25HookWhite0172
Velcro BrandVELCP25-25WL25 metres25LoopWhite0172
Cable TiesKT10025100 mm2.5Black
Cable TiesKT10025NT100 mm2.5Natural
Cable TiesKT15235150 mm3.6Black
Cable TiesKT15235NT150 mm3.6Natural
Cable TiesKT20247200 mm4.8Black
Cable TiesKT20247NT200 mm4.8Natural
Cable TiesKT25048250 mm4.8Black
Cable TiesKT25048NT250 mm4.8Natural


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