Void Fill


Void Fill Packing peanuts

BioFill void fill offers the absolute best in product protection. The suberb shock absorbing characteristics will ensure that your products will be protected against any unwanted damage that occurs in-transit.

BioFill loosefill void fill packaging material is made from Australian wheat starch and is extruded into small peanut shaped pellets, ideally suited for filling empty spaces within cartons and provides superior protection.

• 100% Biodegradable.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Made from Natural Starch.

• Compostable & Lightweight.

• Dust, odour and static free.

• 400 litre bag.

VF-400BIO100% Biodegradable Void Fill400 litres


Mini Pak'R

The space-saving MiniPak’R air cushion machine is a fantastic alternative to packing peanuts and is an important peice of equipment for any warehouse, small business or despatch environment.

The MiniPak’R provides instant protective packaging and makes bubble air cushions for wrapping and void fill solutions. No need to store large bags of fill anymore, just create as many pillows as your job requires.

MiniPak’R helps you save a significant amount of time that can be used for other productive strategies aimed at expanding your business operations. Please contact us for pricing or for more information.

CodeDescriptionSize (mm)
P-MP NOVUSMini Pak'R Machine
P-MP AAccessory Wall Mount to suit MiniPak'R
P-MP12 roll pack of pillow film200x100
P-MP22 roll pack for pillow film200x200
P-MPQLQuilt Large Profile400x150

p32 void fill


Bubble Wrap in box

This void fill product is produced from our 32mm super cell bubble profile and comes in rolls sizes of 1500mm wide by 75 metres in length. For ease of application each roll is slit down to 300mm, therefore yielding 5 rolls of 300mm rolls. Each of these rolls is perforated every 300mm.

This created convenient sized sheets perfect for void fill situations. P32 is a no mess solution for filling void.

P32 VoidFill is an excellent solution for protecting your valuable products and where extra space needs to be filled inside your packing carton.

P32L-0.3-07SP5 rolls 300mm x 50mtr Perforated every 300mm. 32mm size Bubble Wrap

For more detailed information on our bubble wrap products and our void filling solutions please visit the manufacturers site www.polycell.com.au