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Specialty Bubble Wrap

Protective Packaging

Anti Static Bubble Wrap (P10A) – Ideal For Protecting Electrical Items

Anti-static bubble wrap is mainly used to package and protect electrical items and can be easily identified by its pink colour.  Using standard P10 bubble wrap on electronic components can potentially damage the circuits due to static charges that this type of wrap can have. Using P10A instead will allow electrical items to be protected without being subjected to static charges.

This type of specialty bubble wrap is therefore ideal for wrapping computers and computer parts. It comes in standard sizes of either 500mm wide by 100mtr or 1500mm wide by 100mtr.

We can also custom make P10A to any width with any specified perforation. Custom made P10A bubble wrap bags are also a great choice to make wrapping of small electrical items easy and ensure complete protection.

Anti static bubble wrap

Specialty Bubble Wrap 5

Degradable Bubble Wrap (P10OXO)

P10OXO is a degradable bubble wrap and can be identified by its green colour.

Due to the use of an additive called “Reverte” within the resin mixture Oxo-B bubble wrap will degrade (crack) over time.  With the aid of UV light, oxygen and/or heat the bubble wrap will eventually break down into smaller pieces. Once this has occurred the smaller pieces are broken down by microorganisms within the rubbish heap or landfill and will finally biodegrade into Co2 and H2O plus biomass.

Degradable bubble wrap is available in 3 bubble sizes: either 10mm, 20mm or 32mm bubble diameters. All of these are produced as 1500mm wide rolls and come in varying lengths starting from 100 metres. All industrial rolls are able to be custom slit and/or perforated to your specific requirements.


Degradable Bubble Wrap


Specialty Bubble Wrap 6

Paper Backed Bubble Wrap – P10K – Ideal for Protecting Artwork

P10K has been designed with economy and durability in mind. It is made from a carefully formulated mix of linear and low-density virgin PE resins.  Then it is laminated to virgin Kraft paper which allows for superior strength.  

This is the ideal choice to use when protecting expensive pieces of artwork. Applying standard bubble wrap directly to oil paintings can cause damage to the artwork as the potential moisture captured between the air pockets and the item can leave small bubble size marks on the artwork.

Using P10K instead and applying the Kraft paper side directly to the artwork avoids the wrap sweating and causing damage and ensures your artwork is kept free from any marking or damage.

Double sided Kraft backed bubble wrap (P10K2) is also an option if you require the paper to be laminated on both sides of the wrap.  This creates another layer of protection and allows peace of mind that the plastic bubble layer will not be applied to any surface of the artwork.

Both P10K and P10K2 are available 1500mm wide and both are 67 metres in length. Custom slits are also an option for customers who require smaller rolls that may be easier to handle.

Kraft Backed Bubble Wrap

Foil Laminated Bubble Wrap (P10SFoil) – For Packaging items that need Insulation

P10SFoil is a standard P10 bubble wrap that is laminated to a layer of foil.  It also has many other industry names, including Metalised Bubble Wrap and Insulbubble.

Insulated Bubble Wrap

This product is used for temperature control packaging.  Its thermal properties provide insulation to items during transport and storage. Foil backed bubble wrap is available in 1500mm wide rolls and is 50 metres in length.

Specialty Bubble Wrap 7

Check out our full range of specialty bubble wrap or bubble wrap bags or give us a call today on (02) 9905 5858 to discuss your packaging requirements.