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At Ace Packaging our bubble wrap is all Australian made and comes in different sizes and lengths to suit your packaging needs.

Bubble Size

The most common size bubble wrap is P10.  The “10” describes the size of the actual bubble on the bubble wrap itself. Therefore, P10 Bubble Wrap has a bubble with a 10mm diameter.

The next size is P20 Bubble Wrap (with a diameter of 20mm) and the largest is P32 which is a 32mm diameter.

The size of the bubble you choose is important however a bigger bubble diameter doesn’t necessarily mean it is stronger. You need to consider that as you go larger in bubble diameter so does the space in between each bubble. Therefore, when protecting a product with the larger bubble you may actually expose an edge of that product to the larger gap between the bubbles.

For Edge Protection: When protecting edges our rule of thumb is to use the smaller P10 bubble but to use more layers.

To Protect larger, flatter surfaces:  in this instance using the larger diameter bubble is a better option.

Bubble Wrap Sheet Sizes

A standard size roll of bubble wrap is 1.5mtr wide.  We also stock narrower roll widths such as 375mm, 500mm and 750mm wide.

So for instance you could get a P10 (10mm bubble) 1.5 meters wide or a P32 (32mm bubble) in a width of 375mm or anything in between.

Perforated Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap can have perforations to make it easy to tear.  This can be beneficial in cases where you want to use it for void fill or if you need predetermined lengths for repeat items.

Thick Bubble Wrap: For products that require more protection we have heavier grade bubble wrap.  This is known as either P10S or P20S. This thicker bubble wrap has a layer of plastic on either side. This option is extra strong and therefore a great choice if you want to minimise the space in between the bubbles causing a problem.

Custom Sized Bubble Wrap: Custom sized & perforated bubble wrap can be ordered to your specifications.

We can also arrange for customised perforation of each width to your desired lengths.  This is a great option for repetitive packing environment so that a uniform length of bubble wrap is customised to the specific product sizes and box dimensions.

In all cases however the actual bubble size is restricted to either 10mm, 20mm or 32mm.

Check out our full range of bubble wrap or bubble wrap bags or give us a call today on (02) 9905 5858 to discuss your packaging requirements.

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