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Packing House Made Easy

Removalist Book

  • Book Carton. 403x301x330mm. A must for anyone moving house.
  • Twin Cushion cardboard provides protection for precious and fragile items.
  • Use for kitchenware items like plates, glasses, cups or small household items. Small size keeps weights down.


Removals Carton 600

  •  Tea Chest Carton. 431x406x596mm.
  • Twin Cushion cardboard provides protection for fragile and bulky items. Number one choice of removalist cartons.
  • Use for larger household items that are not too heavy, ie blankets, towels and pillows. Pots and pans with large handles.


Port a Robe for Moving House

  • Port A Robe. 595x479x1106mm.
  • Heavy Duty Twin Cushion cardboard. Fold down front flap for easy loading of clothes on hangers into carton.
  • Ideal for packing tall, lengthy bulky items. Use in conjunction with our Port A Robe Hanger (sold separately).

Hanging Rail for Port A Robe

  • Port A Robe Hanger to suit Port A Robe carton.
  • Strong steel rail to be used inside the Port A Robe carton to allow clothes on hangers to be hung from the Port A Robe Hanger.


Moving Cartons

  • Cube Carton. 500x500x500mm.
  • Twin Cushion cardboard offers excellent protection for your larger bulkier items.
  • Ideal for lightweight larger household items ie kids toys, small furniture items, picture frames etc.


Picture Mirror Carton for Moving House

  • Picture/Mirror Carton. 1040x75x775mm.
  • Durable single wall carton. Ideal for small to medium size pictures or mirrors.
  • Remember to protect your pictures or mirrors in kraft backed bubble wrap prior to moving house.


Butchers Paper for Moving House

  • Butchers Paper. 14 KG Ream.
  • 580x810mm sheet size, approximately 700 sheets per ream.
  • Use to wrap any item prior to packing into cartons. Or use as scrunched up paper to fill void in cartons.
  • Removalist’s number one packing paper.


Acid Free Tissue Paper for Moving House

  • Acid Free Tissue Paper. 400x660mm. Approximately 480 sheets per ream.
  • Ideal for wrapping delicate items or silverware for lengthy storage times.


Bubble Wrap for Packing

  • Packing Bubble Wrap. 375mm x 100mtr. 10mm size bubbles.
  • Perforated every 500mm. Ideal for pulling sheets of bubble wrap off the roll and use to wrap small household items.
  • A must for anyone moving house.
  • Bubble Wrap available in various sizes.


Kraft Paper Backed Bubble Wrap Roll

  • Bubble Wrap laminated with Kraft Paper. 1500mm x 67mtr.
  • Available with paper laminated to one or both sides.
  • Provides greater strength and moisture absorbency. Ideal for protecting oil paintings using the paper to protect from bubble wrap imprints.


Removalist Furniture Felt Roll

  • Removalist Furniture Felt Roll. 1830mm x 25mtr.
  • Provides a soft surface and cushioning for furniture in transit.
  • Used to protect flooring while construction work is done.
  • Available in either 25mtr or 50mtr roll length.


Removalist Blanket

  • Quilted Pad, dark blue. Heavy duty Removalist blanket.
  • Use to protect large and bulky items during moving or storage.
  • Protects against scratches and damages during transit.
  • Solid fabric, stitched throughout  to offer strength and durability.
  • 10 blankets minimum purchase.


Truck Ties

  • Truck Ties. 50mm x 50mtr.
  • Help keep your cargo tied and secure with these tie-downs.
  • 500kg breaking strain.


Clear Packaging Tape 1024x881 1

  • Clear Packaging Tape. 48mm x 75mtr.
  • Excellent adhesive to ensure your cartons are secure.
  • Available in Clear or Brown.
  • Tape dispensers available.


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