Washroom Products

washroom products

Buy Toilet PaperToilet Paper Large 2 Ply Rolls









  • These toilet tissues are popular products, and are used by a majority of our customers. Whether you are a corporate office or warehouse distribution point these toilet tissues will please everyone.
  • These products are environmentally friendly and our supplier strives to recycle to minimise environmental waste.
  • 3Ply Swan toilet paper, 4 rolls per sleeve, 200sheets, 48 rolls per pack.
  • 2Ply Jumbo toilet paper, 300mtrs per roll. 8 rolls per pack.

JTTR-100Swan 3 Ply Toilet Paper48 rolls / pack
JTTR-J2Jumbo 2 Ply Toilet Paper 300mtr/roll8 rolls / pack

hand towels







  • There are different types of hand towels so make sure to check your current paper towel dispenser to ensure you purchase the right type and size of hand towel.
  • From Roll Towel, Centre Pull Towel or Interleaved Hand towel we can assist you in finding the right option.
  • Please contact us for pricing and other hand towel options not listed.

JHRT-800Style 800 Roll Towel 190mm x 80mtr16rolls / carton
JHRC-20300Premium Centre Pull Roll Towel 200mm x 300mtr6rolls / pack
JHTI-2222Style Deluxe Interleaved Hand Towel 230x370mm2400 sheets / carton
JHTI-2288Style Deluxe Interleaved Hand Towel 190x370mm2400 sheets / carton
JHTI-66329BASIC Hand Towel 230x245mm5000 sheets / carton
JHTI-290163CLASSIC Hand Towel 230x110x250mm3750 sheets / carton









  • For all the accessories your washroom requires, Ace Packaging can assist you.  From facial tissues, hand soap, wipes and dispensers to suit all paper and tissue products we can provide you the very best product and the very best price.
  • Contact us for pricing and product information or request a quote for any washroom products you currently use but don’t see on our list.

JFT 200AFacial Tissue 200pk White Executive32 packs / carton
JNAP-01T1 Ply Lunch Napkins2000 / carton
J42-05-01Hand Cleaner 1 Litre to suit S1 dispenser6 bottles / carton
J40-05-01-DISPS1 Soap dispenser (white)1 / carton
JTWS-9305AGreen EcoWipe Cloth 300x600mm Perf'on a Roll4 / carton
JTWS-909W300 x 330mm 800 Wipes White (chux like cloth)1 / carton