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  • Select from a wide range of tape dispensers, from hand held packaging tape guns, desk dispensers and electronic definite length tape dispensers Ace Packaging Supplies has it all.
  • Our range of hand held tape guns are strong and of high quality, designed for robust warehouse use these tape dispensers will last the distance. Standard size dispenser is to suit 48mm tape however we stock wider dispensers to suit 72mm tape.
  • Our range of desk tape dispensers are sturdy and heavy, their weight enables them to stay stationery as tape is dispensed.
  • We carry a range of machine tape dispensers from manual applications to electric definite length tape dispensing. The electric M1000 dispenser can cut lengths of 20 to 999mm. It dispenses single pieces or you can turn on the electronic sensor for full automatic mode – take 1 piece, and the next piece pops out and is cut automatically.
  • Please contact us for pricing and any additional information you require.

TD10APistol Grip Tape Dispenser 50mm Red
TDH-02Pistol Grip Low Noise Tape Dispenser 50mm Blue
TDH-08Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser. Spring, No Core 50mm
TDH-08APistol Grip Low Noise Tape Dispenser 50mm Green
TDH-0625mm Tear Drop Tape Dispenser
TDH-0538mm Tear Drop Tape Dispenser
TDH-0450mm Tear Drop Tape Dispenser
TDM-01Machine Tape Dispenser 2x18mm SL1, >95mm lengths Manual
TDM-02Machine Tape Dispenser 75mm SL3 >200mm lengths Manual
TDM-03Machine Tape Dispenser, Electric M1000 48mm, 20-999mm lengths Auto
TDD-01Desk Tape Dispenser 50mm VH411
TDD-03C3Desk Tape Dispenser 24mm
TDD-03Desk Tape Dispenser Heavy Duty 2x25mm Red

Tape Dispensers

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