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Choose from a large range of stock size cardboard cartons. All measurements are taken internally. The opening of the carton is described as the length x width with the third measurement being the depth.  L x W x D. Board grade codes comprise of a number and a letter. The number represents the paper weight scale. The scale ranges from 1 to 5, 1 board being the strongest and 5 board being the weakest. The letter represents the flute composition, B flute is approximately 3mm thick and C flute is approximately 5mm thick.

If a stock size carton does not suit your needs please see our custom carton page for more information.

CodeLength (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Board GradeColour / Style
SS3091501051154BBrown. FFSC base
SS3051501501504BBrown. Min Order. RSC
AB0011801801104CBrown RSC
SS1552152151104CBrown RSC
AB0022302301804CBrown RSC
SS3172451481904CBrown RSC
SS172552051254BBrown RSC
SS192552052053CBrown RSC
AB0042552552054CBrown RSC
SS313003003003CBrown RSC
AB047a3203001003CBrown RSC
SSA4-3R3102151504BBrown RSC
SSA4-4R3082142324CBrown RSC
SS3133402902903CBrown RSC
AB0093503501804CBrown RSC
AB0073552302303CBrown RSC
AB0083553553554CBrown RSC
SS1913752752251CBrown RSC
AB0114054054603CBrown RSC
SSA3A4253052304CBrown RSC
AB0124504503053CBrown RSC
SS3074553802604CBrown RSC
AB0145103301503CBrown RSC
SS1275103402153CBrown RSC
AB0155103553303CBrown RSC
SS139A6003204503CBrown RSC
SS977104552803CBrown RSC
SS1478004954353CBrown RSC

Stock Size Cartons

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