VHP Tape

vhp tapeH4100Ch4100aH4100B







  •   VHP ( Very High Performance) Tape.
  • Our range of foamed acrylic VHP tapes are designed for the exacting needs of industry. It offers a flexible and conformable bond with immediate adhesion to a variety of substrates – eliminating the need for equipment such as drills and rivet guns.
  • VHP tapes are available in grey, clear, white and black, as well as various widths and thicknesses. The range includes cold weather and removable products, making the range ideal for a variety of industries including composite panel cladding, signage, point of sale display and metal & plastic fabrication.
  • Clear VHP tape is used for bonding acrylics and glass where optical clarity is required. Offers a flexible and conformable thin bond to a variety of surfaces.
  • Signage, display and mounting applications, Very Strong Bond.

CodeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Details
H-4050C-06A6330.5Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4050C-09B9330.5Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4050C-12B12330.5Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4050C-1818330.5Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4050C-24B24330.5Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4100C-066331.0Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4100C-12B12331.0Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4100C-1818331.0Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4100C-24B24331.0Clear -30 to 130°C
H-4100C-40A40331.0Clear -30 to 130°C
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MVHBWIPEAlcohol Swabs250 satchels / cartonSurface cleaning Wipes










  • Structural / permanent bonding of many substrates.
  • Uses include automotive coachwork, architectural panels, signage etc.
  • Mounting alarms/sercurity cameras, car aerials.

CodeWidth (mm)Length (mtr)Thickness (mm)Details

VHP Tape